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Intimate Seating

Rucker 5pc Alu Wicker Chat Set with Olefin Fabrics


The Rucker 5 Piece Wicker Chat Set with Olefin Fabrics by AE Outdoor provides luxurious materials and contemporary designs.

The chairs are covered in brown wicker and have brushed grey wood grain arm rest and legs.

The set comes with two chairs that are 30.5” wide by 30” deep and 29” tall,

two ottomans that are 26” wide by 20” deep and 12” tall, and

1 round table that is 21” in diameter and 21” tall.

The seat height for the chairs is 16” and the cushions are 4” thick.

This set makes lounging outside very enjoyable for two people or the ottomans can be used as extra seating if you have more quests.

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